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Capture Biomarkers Vital to the Study and Diagnosis of Acute Airway Disease with the RTube™

Only the RTube captures the vital biomarker data you need by being available for the subject to use during symptomatic episodes, any time, any place. Monitoring acute airway disease with the RTube allows the capture of biomarkers during exacerbations when the data are most relevant. Our new Single-Subject Longitudinal Airway pH Monitoring Kit provides researchers with the ability to monitor a subject's airway pH and other biomarkers immediately upon onset of symptoms, regardless of where or when they occur, and allows you to follow the subject longitudinally over a course of eight symptomatic events. Airway pH homeostasis is poor in respiratory disease, and this is identified most readily by sequential sample collections. Collecting multiple samples over a set period of time, and immediately after symptoms, maximizes the value of your biomarker data by allowing direct association with specific transient symptoms.

Only the RtubeT Captures the Vital Data You Need

Collecting EBC is as easy as breathing through a nebulizer. The subject exhales normally into the RTube while the moisture from their breath is condensed in the collection chamber. After collection, the chamber is sealed, stored locally, or transported to a lab for analysis. At the lab our unique internal one-way valve is used as a syringe that gathers droplets adhering to the inside wall into a sample pool near the top of the RTube where it can easily be removed and analyzed.

Select the RTube Specialty Kit that is Right for You

We offer three Specialty Kits: the 25-Collection Starter Kit, the 100-Collection Starter Kit, and the Single-Subject Longitudinal Sampling Kit. Each kit is optimized for a specific need:

  1. 25-Collection Starter Kit

    This is our lowest-cost general-purpose kit. Perfect for pilot studies and investigators new to EBC, this kit provides everything you need to collect and store 25 EBC samples.
  2. 100-Collection Starter Kit

    This kit provides everything you need to start and complete a small to mid sized study. This kit is our most popular and is especially useful when performing a large number of consecutive collections in a school or workplace setting.

For larger studies, we also offer bulk restocking supplies. See our purchase page for details.

RTube Specialty Kits
25-Collection Starter Kit 100-Collection Starter Kit
  Item # 1025 Item # 1100
EBC Sampling Device 25 100
Cooling Sleeve with Insulator 1 1
Plunger 1 1
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Comments Lowest-cost evaluation kit. Perfect for pilot studies and investigators new to EBC. Our most popular item, the 100 Collection Starter Kit includes everything you need to start and complete a small to mid sized study.